I have slowly been working on things for Charlie’s nursery. I am still working on all of the bedding, blankets and burp rags and I have decided on a Jungle theme for his nursery. After spending a fortune on fabric for all of that, I decided I needed to try and make all of his nursery decor for as little as possible. I went to our local thrift store and found a perfectly good wood shelf and 4 frames all for 8 bucks!! I will be re-doing all of those in the coming weeks, but today I made some dollar store frames into some Jungle themed nursery decor!

Here is how I made them:


8 X 10 wood frames (I bought mine at the dollar store)


White cardstock

Painted Wooden Animals (I got these at my local craft store for .79 cents each)

Brown Ribbon

Hot Glue

Brown Cardstock

Step 1: Paint your frame

Step 2: Cut out the letters for your animals. I used my cricut cartride Jubilee and I cut them 2″ long.

Step 3: Place your cardstock in your frame and then your glass BEHIND your card-stock. This creates a hard surface.

Step 4: Glue your letters on

Step 5: Hot glue your wood animal on your card-stock.

Step 6: Glue ribbon around the edges of your frame.

Each frame ended up costing me about $2.50 after they are all done! They were super easy and they will go great in his nursery! Now I just need to decide where to hang them!!