I have been in a crafty mood lately….I go in major spurts. One week I will craft all week long…the next I don’t want anything to do with crafting. I think that since I only have a couple more months until the baby comes that I am trying to cram in as much crafting as I can. I know that once he comes, I won’t have a lot of time to do any crafting. So let’s hope this spurt doesn’t run out! 🙂 Anyways, on to my latest project.

After making my last project, I was inspired to make a wreath out of the paper fan-flowers! And of course, I had to add a bird 🙂

Supplies:An old book (for the paper)Hot GlueWire WreathButtonsDistressing inkBlack bird cut out (i used the cricut cartridge “give a hoot”)Step 1: Make your fan flowers! I used about 6 large, 8 Medium, and 8 small

Step 2: Make your Wreath Form. I made mine out of an old wire hanger. (well my husband made it for me 🙂 )

Step 3: hot glue some black card-stock all around your frame. This won’t show, this is just used to glue the flowers onto!
Step 4: Hot glue your flowers onto the card-stock

step 5: hot glue your bird cut out onto the wreath

That’s it!

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