Bring your flower garden alive for Christmas by creating an exquisite Christmas tree entirely of flowers and nature’s bounty. The elegance of roses, the whimsy of baby’s breath, and glittering gilded pinecones are just a few of nature’s wondrous ornaments that can be used to decorate a pine tree for Christmas.

Read on to discover the joys of decorating a Christmas tree to bring back the sweet memories of the summer garden. Begin decorating your tree as you would any Christmas tree with the lights. Whether you use colored lights or all white lights that twinkle is up to you, just make sure they’re evenly spaced, yet have a random appearance.

Continue until you’re satisfied with your baby’s breath garland. If a garland doesn’t interest you, save the baby’s breath for the final touch. Almost any flowers, dried or silk, can be used to decorate your tree. Everlasting flowers that work well in a tree are as follows. The velvety look and feel of celosia in deep red or burgundy adds a new texture to the tree.

Starting at the top, randomly insert celosia. Nothing is more beautiful than roses. Add red, cream or a mixture of both roses for a touch of romance. If the heads are large insert individual stems into the pine branches, if not, group three together for a stronger statement. Globe amaranth may be small, but when bundled together in small bouquets of pink and deep purple their charm cannot be outdone.

Love in-the-mist pods, adorned with stripes of deep burgundy or purple and cream continue the romance with flair. You’ll want to insert small bundles of the pods to get a good show. Use berries for a satiny smooth look. Pink pepper berries make charming ornaments when tucked into the tree as does rose hips. Gather dried or fresh herbs like rosemary, thyme, lavender, sage, artemisia, sweet Annie, and lamb’s ears for darling bouquets to add to the mix of flowers.

If some of the herbs are fresh, they’ll dry while decorating your tree. Golden yarrow glows when included as an ornament to decorate your Christmas tree. The soft papery silver of honesty, the stiff bristled German statice, and the gentle lavender of sea lavender all create dimension to the tree. The huge round balls of blue, chartreuse, or preserved in any number of colors hydrangeas are the show stoppers in a tree. Use them to fill in and provide yet another color.

Dried or silk peonies say exquisitely beautiful and add a sense of style. Annual statice, grown in an array of colors is a filler that brings marvelous colors of the rainbow to your tree. Dried clove pinks, creamy larkspur, Sweet summer past. Small or medium sized pinecones are always a part of Christmas decorations.

Sweet gum balls, poppy pods and lotus pods can be spray painted gold and while wet sprinkled with gold glitter to shimmer in the lights. Fill in with one color of Christmas ball to give the tree a look of continuity. Beautiful French wired ribbon made into simple bows with long streamers offers yet one more dimension of beauty.

Gather the stems in your hand and wrap with wire. Cover the wire with a bouncy bow from the French wired ribbon and leave long tails that will cascade down the tree. Insert the bouquet into the top of the tree, wiring if necessary. Voila! Chez magnifique!