If the most prominent feature in your bedroom is a large window, you may have no choice but to place your bed in front of that window. In many cases, that position is simply the most practical, and the most comfortable, place to put the bed.

There are a number of advantages to having your bed in front of a window. Positioning the bed in your master bedroom in front of a window gives you fresh air, making the room more comfortable in the warm summer months.

But that type of design also poses some challenges, including how to provide the privacy you need in the bedroom. Choosing the right design elements helps you overcome those challenges and create a room you can be proud of.

Choose the Right Window Treatments

The right window treatments can make a huge difference in any bedroom, no matter how the furniture is arranged in that room. By choosing window treatments that are easy to adjust and easy to use, you can maximize the amount of natural light that reaches the room, while still having the privacy and security you need, even when your bed must be placed right next to the window.

Arrange the Room for Maximum Comfort

How you arrange the furniture can make a big difference, both in the practicality and the beauty of your bedroom. If you have a large master bedroom with a bathroom, you also within the bedroom. For instance, you can place a small dressing table close to the door of the bathroom in the master bedroom. That arrangement makes it easier to get dressed and made up in the morning.

Choose a dressing table with a quality lighted mirror and a comfortable seat. You can also use lighting accessories to make the most of your bedroom and make up for any natural light you miss when you draw the shades or dose the curtains.

Arrange pole lights around the room to provide extra light when the shades or curtains are drawn. Look for lights with a dimmer function, since that makes it easier to adjust the amount of lighting in the room.

Make the Most of the Space Available

Sometimes you are forced to place the bed by the window out of necessity, simply because you do not have enough space for a different type of arrangement. If that is the case, you can maximize the space you do have available by choosing the right storage options.

Choose a bed frame and headboard that meets your specific needs. You can choose a headboard with a built-in bookshelf if you like to read at night, and equip that headboard with a personal reading light.

If your master bedroom is short on closet space, you can choose a bed frame with built-in storage drawers to make up for that lack of storage space. Storing your sweaters, jeans and other items that can be placed flat frees up your limited closet space for other items.

Let in the Light

A skylight may not be a practical solution in every case, construction or an extensive remodeling project. A skylight helps provide more natural sunlight without sacrificing without missing out on the light you want.

Select the Right Colors

When you have your bed next to a window, you need to use extra care when choosing colors for the bedspreads, quilts and other items. Choose natural and light colors for your bedspread, blankets and quilts.

When the bed sits next to a window, those bedding items will be exposed to a lot of sunlight, and that can cause them to fade significantly.If you try to use black or dark items, you could find that they have faded to an ugly gray after only a short time. If you must have dark colored bedding, look for items that are as high quality and colorfast as possible.

By incorporating these tips into your overall bedroom design, you can avoid some of the most common problems associated with having your bed right up against the window. While this type of arrangement may not be ideal, you can make it work to your advantage if you use the right design elements and furnishings.