So this project, may look like a breeze at first glance, but this little stinker took me forever!!! I had to redo it 2 times before I finally figured out how to keep the paper on the ball.

My first attempt I was using a bigger styrofoam ball and I was pushing the paper into the styrofoam. Well 2 hours later I only had half of the ball done and my hand was throbbing from pushing the paper down into the ball. Then, the paper started falling out the other side because I was pushing too hard on the opposite side.

Attempt 2: I got a WAY smaller ball and did the same thing, but the paper kept falling out!

Attempt 3 I finally figured it out. The tutorial is below. 🙂

Supplies Needed:

Styrofoam Ball (i used 2.5″)

An old book

Hot Glue


Some tips before you start:

1. Cut out A LOT of paper. I kept running out and I had to recut more paper like a hundred times! 🙂

2. Have someone help you. It will go TONS faster if you have someone controlling the hot glue gun. This way you don’t have to keep putting your glue down and your pencil and paper every single time.

Step 1: cut out your papers. I did mine about 2″ x 2″ Try and get them roughly the same sizeStep 2: Wrap your paper around your pencil (don’t use the sharpened side)
Step 3: Put some hot glue on your styrofoam ball Step 4: Put your paper down and hold down with pencil until it will stay in place

Step 5: continue step 4 until your whole ball is covered. The more papers you do the more full it will be. I tried to get mine as full as possible

That’s it! It really isn’t that hard, but it took a lot longer than expected. If you have someone to help you, then it will go by WAY faster! 🙂

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