So I know I said I would be back in August.  I thoguht I would have been back a lot sooner, but life has been so hectic!!

 So I thought I would show you in pictures what I have done all summer!

We took a little family vacation to St. George which was so fun. 

I helped plan my sister’s wedding and I also took her bridal pictures. 

My sister and I made her cake too. This was a first time for me…and I was just helping.  My sister did the hard parts! 🙂

The other reason that I haven’t been back is that my hubby got a job!!!

The only downside is that it is in North Dakota.

So I am still here in Utah and he is in North Dakota.  It is a total bummer, but hopefully we will all move up there soon. 

I think life is finally settling down a little so I hope to be back to regular posting!