I had no idea I was going to spend my Friday and Saturday nights with my unpicker!! 

We spent some quality time together.

I think we actually are forming a really great friendship that wont go away anytime soon.

Haha, just kidding.

I like unpicking, just about as much as I like to clean the toilet. (which it just so happens that I have the greatest husband in the world who always cleans the bathrooms.  In fact, in the 7 years we have been married I don’t think I’ve cleaned a toilet more than 3 times!) 

So back to my relationship with the unpicker:

I am a perfectionist.

I started sewing my trees together for the QAL, and it was really bothering when my trees weren’t lining up perfectly.  (This was not because of the tutorial.  The tutorial was very clear.)

I think I might have lost a little bit of sanity over the whole thing.

By the time I sewed them all together,  I was at that beyond caring stage.  So when I sewed my rows together, if they were a tiny bit off I didn’t have a cow and unpick everything.  

I tried to tell myself this is supposed to be fun.

  This is supposed to be fun.  

I am having fun, darn it!!

After they were all sewn together, it didn’t look half bad! Everything was lined up pretty well, however some of my points were not perfect.  Which is still bugging me as I type this. 🙂  

I’m trying to let some of that perfectionism go.  

After all, no one is perfect and no quilt is perfect.  

Then I had this grand idea of adding a piano key border with pinwheel cornerstones. 

Pretty sure after that sewing experience my sanity is gone!! 

But I love how it turned out and I’m hoping that the unpicker and I won’t have another date night anytime soon! 🙂