Instead of cleaning my house, studying for two tests, and doing other things…I decided to make another craft. 🙂 I found a wood board that I had painted green for something else a long time ago and thought…wow that would be a great St. Patrick’s Day decoration!! So I decided I shouldn’t just skip right over St. Patrick’s Day and go straight to spring (although, I am sooo ready for spring!!!) I made this “lucky” board! It is a lot like my “be mine” board, but for St. Patrick’s Day. I really do like St. Patrick’s Day, but I have never really decorated for it. So here it goes! I call it my “lucky board” …pretty original huh? 🙂

I even made a tutorial for you all in case you wanted to make one for yourself!

Supplies Needed

1 Wood Board measured 24″ x 8″

Green Paint

2 coordinating pieces of srapbook paper.

Hot Glue

Mod podge



Step 1: Paint your board green. When I painted mine a while back, I had mixed a couple of colors together to get the green I wanted. So I don’t have the exact color for you.

Step 2: While your paint is drying cut out the word “lucky” with your Alphalicious cricut cartridge. Mine is 5 3/4″

Step 3: Cut out a shamrock. I just googled shamrock cut out and found this one! It was the perfect size.

Step 4: Trace your shamrock on the back of the paper you are going to use and cut it out.

Step 5: Distress your letters and shamrock with some walnut ink.

Step 6: Mod podge your shamrock and letters on your board (after your paint is dry of course)

Step 7: Add ribbon and buttons to embellish and you are done!!!

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