This recipe is one of my go-to dessert recipes when I am not sure what to make for a treat. It is so easy and it is ALWAYS a crowd pleaser.

This is my mom’s recipe and it is so yummy and delicious!


1 chocolate cake mix–baked according to package directions

1 large box of chocolate pudding

1 jar of hot fudge

1 large tub of cool whip

2 cups half and half

1 cup milk

Directions. Bake cake according to package instructions. Let cool. In a mixing bowl, combine pudding with half and half and milk. Mix until thick.

When cake is cool, turn out onto board and cut into bite size chunks.

In a trifle bowl, start with your cake chunks and put a layer in the bottom of your bowl. Then put a layer of your pudding on the cake. Then drizzle your hot fudge over your pudding and then top with a layer of cool whip. Repeat layers.

I like to have my last layer to be cool whip and then I drizzle some hot fudge on top and some cake crumbs to finish it off.

Let set in fridge a couple hours before serving.