Hi there! I have another quilt finish to show you.  When I watched this tutorial about the “Wonky Star” tutorial–I knew I had to try it out.  They looked so fun and really simple to do.  I made this quilt almost entirely out of my stash, so that’s why it is so very scrappy.  I made this quilt for a gift and tried to keep their personal style in mind.  So that’s why this quilt is so far off from my normal style.  

Even though it is not my style, I love how it turned out.  It almost has an “Americana” look to it–which I didn’t intend on doing, but it just happened that way.  

I made these wonky stars quite large.  The blocks ended up being about 14″ square. Which makes for a nice sized block, so I didn’t have to do as many stars.  Since I did work entirely from my stash (which was given to me by my friend) I had a limited amount of fabric, so I made it work.  

I bought this fun red border fabric that I thought went well with the rest of the fabrics.  I ended up doing a 6.5″ border all the way around and I also used the same fabric for the binding.   I have never done the same fabric for borders and binding before.  The binding kind of just blends in with the quilt, and I thought it looked rather nice.  

I used a cozy flannel print for the backing.  The colors all coordinate with the front, so I thought it complimented the front nicely. 

I did minimal quilting on the quilt. I did it all on my domestic sewing machine.  I stuck with wavy lines about an inch apart.  I felt the fabrics were busy enough that I wanted to keep the quilting to a minimal and showcase the pattern of the quilt and also all the fun fabrics. 

This quilt was actually by far the most relaxing to make.  When you make these stars there are no required measurements.  That’s why the legs of the stars are all wonky.  Since I wasn’t worried about being so precise, I was able to put in some headphones and watch Breaking Bad (my current netflix addiction) while I pieced this entire quilt.  It was honestly quite relaxing, and I am definitely looking forward to making another one of these quilts, but making it with very bright colors! 

The only thing I did not like about making this quilt was the waste.  I wasted quite a bit of fabric when making these stars.  I don’t  like keeping really small scraps of fabric, so I really won’t be re-using any of the scraps. Other than that small detail, I would definitely recommend making one of these quilts.  They are so fun and easy to make. 

Have you made a wonky star quilt or project?

Do you watch TV while sewing/crafting?

Talk to you soon,