Hi there! Can you believe January is just about half way over?  I feel like we just had Christmas, and now I am already thinking about decorating for Valentine’s Day!  I don’t usually do much as far as decorating goes for the month of February.  I was pondering this fact the other day, and realized I don’t have any special decorations for the month of Februray! Which is a real shame, because I am a lover of the color pink, and pink and red are pretty much synonymous with Valentines’ Day.  

So to remedy my decorating problem, I came up with a sweet little table runner–that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day! 🙂  

Remember, the Love Squared bundle from Fort Worth Fabric Studio?  Well, I took my scraps, and created this runner with all the left overs.  Plus I added in some Scrumptious scraps as well!  

This was a fun and quick project! I had this baby done in no time! Don’t you love quilting projects like that?   I did a simple meandering quilting pattern, and I chose to machine bind this runner.  I am getting better at my machine binding! I am pretty happy with how it turned out.  

You can certainly make this your own by not making it as scrappy, or maybe having all the hearts the same color.  I added in the aqua heart because I love those two colors together, and I thought it would be fun to add a different color heart in the bunch.   

If you’d like to make this Valentine’s Runner, then you can purchase the pattern here.