Hi there! Yesterday I was putting up my blocks on my design wall and I had an epiphany! I thought that a lot of newbie quilters would really benefit from learning about design walls and why they are so great! So I thought I would share with you my thoughts on having a design wall and why it really makes a difference when designing your quilt.

Like I mentioned in the previous post I am in the process of creating a new quilt and pattern to share with you guys.  I finished up sewing a few last minute squares last night and put everything up on my design wall.  Whoever invented the design wall was a genius!  I love my design wall, and have used it constantly since I’ve started quilting.  

Why is it important to put your design up on a wall?

1.  It helps you see the layout of your fabric/blocks in a different perspective.  When you layout your quilt on the floor you really don’t get the same perspective.

2.  It is easier to arrange and rearrange blocks on a design wall rather than on the floor.

3. It also helps to see how fabrics and patterns look in relation to one another.  

I have also found it helpful to put up a block or design I’m working on and just leave it up there for a couple of days.  This helps me really decide if I like the design or layout or not and if the fabrics are working well with each other. 

Putting things up on the wall to see how it looks is not a new thing.  In fact, this was one of the first lessons I learned in my interior design class in college.  We always put our fabrics on the wall next to one another to see how they would work with each other.  This helps you see what colors and patterns work well with each other and what doesn’t look so great. 

Another thing that I strongly suggest is take a picture each time you rearrange your blocks.   I can’t tell you how much it helps to see the picture of the blocks on my computer screen.  It gives you another perspective as well.  You can put two of your photos next to each other on your computer screen and see which orientation you like best.  I would really recommend trying this if you haven’t already. 

I want to show you three different photos of my quilt.  

This was after I put all my blocks up the first time. 

{In this picture, I did not like how I had the same fabrics really close to each other and also they are really similar in tones.   I felt like it looked to repetitive.  I don’t want my focus of the quilt to be in one particular spot, and I felt like my eye was going directly to those pink and green fabrics.}

{This is after I fixed the green and pink blocks}

So I fixed the green and pink blocks, but then look! I now have two of the same orange blocks competing with one another. 

{Third try}

So far this is my favorite layout, but those yellows are too repetitive. Also, now that I am seeing it while I write this blog post the dark grays and light grays are separated….  So I will go back to the design wall and do some more rearranging, and take a few more pictures until I am completely happy with it. 

What would really help is if I had a few more different pieces of fabric to work with.  This quilt is made up entirely of my leftovers from another project.  So I really have to make it work with what I have. 

I’m certain that no matter how much rearranging there will be something that bothers me, but like I’ve said before I’m trying to let some of that perfectionism go!  It’s hard, but I am really trying. 🙂

Do you have a design wall?

Do you have any tips or tricks you want to share?

PS: The majority of fabrics used in this quilt is from this line. I’ve had a few people ask me, so here  you go! 🙂

Talk to you soon,