I am not sure if you’ve noticed, but I have been kind of absent from crafting for a bit.   

Well,  the reason being is that I am focusing on my photography.  

I have been super busy taking pictures lately and editing! 

Who knew that editing pictures took so much time! 

I really love it.  I am still a beginner, but I learn something new almost everyday.  

I am constantly coming up with new ideas and learning new techniques. 

I started another blog just for my photography that showcases the photo shoots that I have done.  

It also has information on pricing and contact information.   

But, I thought I would share some of my favorite pictures I have taken in the last few weeks.  

These next few pictures are engagement pictures that I did for my sister.  

My favorite subject is still my kiddos! I love taking their pictures and this is my most recent one of Charlie. 

I have also done a few family photo shoots! This is one of my most recent families that I did pictures for. 

If you are in the Utah County area and are interested in booking a shoot with me, email me 


Or you can visit my blog for more information. 

Onto other news…

I love the summer. 

Especially this summer. 

My hubby has officially graduated…YAY! 

But, he hasn’t found a job yet…(boo….)

Since he has been home more we have gotten to spend so much time together and with our kids.  I don’t think I have seen him this much since we were dating!

We try to do something fun everyday with the kids and that means I have less time to blog.  Which I am OK with.  So I have decided to cut back a little.  

We are also going to be moving at the end of July and that will definitely hinder the crafting/blogging a bit.  

I hope you all are having a wonderful summer! 🙂