I finally completed my last star yesterday. 

Twenty stars.

I didn’t think it would take me that long to get all these blocks done, but I really just worked on it a little here and a little there.  I found it kind of relaxing to work on these stars.  It was kind of like mindless sewing for me.  Whenever I was stuck on another project, or just needed to sew to get my creative juices flowing, I would get one or two of these stars out and sew them together.   

So here they are all out on my design wall.  These are very scrappy, and I’m kind of in love with how this is coming together.  But I really wanted opinions on if I should use sashing or not.  

No sashing:


I also bought a very light grey solid fabric today to use as sashing if I were to go that route I thought maybe I could see what that looked like as well.  But for now you get to see it with a white sashing. 

Looking at it on my computer screen I am leaning towards no sashing, but in person I kind of like the sashing better.  So this is where I would love to hear your opinion on the matter! 

Would you use sashing on this quilt?

Talk to you soon,