I have wanted to make a homemade wreath for a long time! I finally found the time to make a “rag” wreath and I love it! It was so easy and simple, anyone could make one of these.

Supplies Needed:

12 inch wire wreath

8-10 Assorted fabrics/ribbons

(I probably used about 1/4 yard of each fabric and a couple yards of ribbon to complete this wreath)

Step1: Cut out your fabric strips into about 1 inch thick by 6-8 inches long. The easiest way to do this is snip the fabric and then rip it. I used burlap as well, but you can just rip burlap so I had to cut it and I also had to cut the ribbon.

Step 2: Tie a piece of fabric on your wreath in a double knot. Continue until your wreath is very full.

I love how it turned out and I love how it is so simple to make! I might just have to make another one!

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