Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  

 I had a great weekend, but I do have to say that daylight savings is already kicking my butt!  

Whoever decided that this would be a great idea, did NOT have kids.  (just saying)

Anyways, I will stop complaining about this darn time change and get onto what I was really going to talk about. 🙂

Charlie has a build-a-bear that is dressed like a “safari” bear.  Well, Hannah decided to undress the bear the other day and she never put his clothes back on. 

I saw the clothes sitting on the floor and thought, wow those might fit Charlie. 🙂

They did.  

Sort of.

They may be a little tight.

I could not control my laughter.  So I took a picture.

The hubby, well he thought I crossed the line.

My rebuttal: “at least they weren’t girl clothes.”

Charlie was NOT happy about the whole situation.  

He would rather be naked.

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