So I found this old ugly picture with a great frame at the DI the other day, and I was going to use it as a bow holder. However, my husband had other plans! He wanted a huge white board and cork board to put in the kitchen. I told him there was no way we were nailing an ugly white board to the wall and so we turned this old ugly picture into a a beautiful white board and cork board. I love it! It took a little work but we got it done!!! Here is the before:

We first spray painted the frame with black matte spray paint

For the white board we bought the biggest white board we could find at Target and the cork we bought at Robert’s by the roll we bought 2 24″ rolls but only needed one. We used the original picture to attach the white board and cork board board with the glue “E 6000” From there i was in charge of the embellishments and then it was done!

I finished it off with a huge daisy and some decorative tape. I used my Cricut Machine to cut out the “Notes” and the numbers with black vinyl.

We decided to keep it more on the simple side because it is mostly going to be used by Brandon to work out those hard engineering math problems!!! I loved how it turned out! Let me know what you think!