We found out we are having a BOY a couple of weeks ago and I have started on all of his blankets and all that fun stuff. You all know I am not a sewer, and so this is taking me way out of my comfort zone!!!

I have been searching for a while for cute boy blankets that aren’t too feminine and this is the one I found that I fell in love with and decided to make.

She has made a great tutorial on it and you can check it out here.

I was going to try to do a tutorial, but hers is so much better so be sure to check it out.

These are so easy to make and that’s saying something if you aren’t a sewer! I didn’t do an applique on mine because I thought it would be too busy so I just stuck with making the blanket. It didn’t take me too long. Probably longer than most because I’m not a sewer, but still I was able to do it!

One thing that I have found so far is that there is not nearly the selection of cute boy fabric compared to girl fabric! Where do you get your fabric for your little boy projects?