It was Hannah’s first day of Preschool today! I can’t believe how time flies! She was so excited to go to preschool and has talked about it for the past week! Well today was the day, and she had a blast!

I was trying to be the good mom and take a picture of her on her first day of preschool….but she did not want her picture taken this morning! It took everything I had to get a smile out of her, and then when I did her eyes were shut!!

Then to top it off, when we were done I accidentally locked us out of the house. So let’s just say it wasn’t the best morning 🙂

For her special day, I attempted to make some hair bows! 🙂 I know I should probably be a pro at making hair accessories because I have a little girl–but that is not the case. This is my first attempt at making her some hair bows. It has taken 3 years for her to like wearing bows….so I figured I might as well start learning how to make some!

Now, they are not perfect by any means…and I would be completely embarrassed to show you how I made these..because I’m pretty sure I made these the unconventional way….meaning hot glue was my best friend 🙂

Now that I have started…I’m afraid that I will have to make bows to match every outfit. 🙂 I want to make different ones, but I’m not sure what to try.

If you have a favorite hair accessory I would love to see it–even better if it’s a tutorial 🙂