My blue-eyed cowboy has his cowboy hat and his cowboy quilt and is ready for some cuddles!

I finished his quilt last night and he loves it! I was kind of mean and didn’t let him sleep with it last night because I wanted to make sure I could get some pictures of him with it in the morning.  🙂

This was my first time machine binding. It was not perfect.  In fact, I’m sure a quilting expert would give me an epic fail on my binding on this quilt.  The corners turned out beautifully mitered, but when I went to stitch it to the quilt, my stitches on the front did not line up with the seam on the back. I did 2 1/2 inch binding strips.  I am not going to say I’m never going to machine bind a quilt again, but I do like the look of hand binding much more. A full view of the front of the quilt: For the back of the quilt I just pieced all my of my extra fabrics together as well as some black flannel to tie it all together.

This was kind of my “practice quilt” I tried new things on this quilt that I have never done before and it’s definitely not perfect!  But it is perfect for my little cowboy, who I hope with love it and hopefully will replace his current blanket (which has seen much better days)  with this warm and snuggly quilt!