This post is a little late… 🙂

Charlie James was born on 11-4-2010

Weighing 7 pounds 1 oz, 19 inches long

Charlie decided to make his entrance 2 weeks early! He is the sweetest thing and we couldn’t love him more!

Charlie was born with a cleft lip, which was detected at his 20 week ultrasound. We were pleasantly surprised when he was born that it did not involve his palate. We were told in many ultrasounds that his palate was involved and we were preparing for that. So we truly feel blessed that his palate was not involved. When the palate is involved it is a lot more tricky and there are a lot more surgeries and complications that can occur.

He will still have to have a couple of surgeries to repair his lip and his gum-line. He will have his first just after the New Year. He is the sweetest little baby, and I feel so blessed to be his mom! 🙂