This year I made another recipe book for my family members for Christmas! I love recipe books! Sometimes when I’m bored I will just thumb through a recipe book…I’m weird I know! 🙂 I was born into a family that LOVES food and who LOVES to cook great food. Whenever we get together it’s all about the food! We love cooking together and we love to share recipes. So this is always the perfect gift for my family.

I did about 35 recipes that I made in photoshop and then had them printed at cotsco. Here are a few of the recipes:

These cards make the perfect gift for anyone. I have many family recipe books and I am so glad that I have them! Here is some advice if you are going to make these for Christmas next year.

*Start putting it together now! I know that seems like a lot of time to do a recipe book, but I always start too late and then I’m rushing to get it done by Christmas!