Okay, for Craft Night this month we made my Paper Heart Trees! It was so much fun and everyone did such a great job making them!!!

I have now made 4 Paper Heart Trees…and I am done! I love them…but can I just say that I am sick of cutting out hearts!!

1 piece of Black Cardstock 8 1/2 by 11″ (make sure you cut this to fit your frame! Sometimes this size is a little too big so make sure it fits!)1 piece of pink cardstock cut to 11″ x 6″1 piece of brown cardstock for the tree.20-25 hearts cut out of coordinating scrapbook paper. My sizes range from 1/2″- 1 1/2″The word “love” cut to 1 1/2 inches tall

Step 1: Cut your black piece of cardstock to fit your frame

Step 2: Cut your pink piece of cardstock 11″ x 6″

Step 3: Trace your tree template onto a brown piece of paper and cut out

Step 4: Glue your tree on the center of your pink paper

Step 5: Ink the edges of all of your hearts and letters. This helps them stand out on the paper better.

Step 6: Place your hearts all around your tree until you like the way it looks then glue them on

Step 7: Hot glue buttons on some of the hearts.

Step 8: Glue your letters on the side of your black pannel

Step 9: Hot glue your buttons in between your letters.

Step 10: Tie your ribbon around where the pink paper meets the black paper and just tie a knot

Now place your paper in your frame and your done!!

This was so fun for a craft night project and only cost 6 dollars per person to make!!

Here are all the ladies showing off their new Paper Heart Trees!!

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