Okay, I am ready for it to be February! I’ve made another Valentine’s Decoration that is super simple to make and really inexpensive. I decided to call it “heart tree” I like how it turned out and it was so easy to make! You could also make this into a card or even have your kids help you make it.

It was really easy to make and all you need is:

a small frame





All I did to make this was cut out a bunch of hearts with my cricut machine in different sizes ranging from an inch to 1/2 an inch. To make the tree I just free handed a tree and cut it out of brown paper. I also cut out the word “love” to add to the side. To finish it off just add some buttons and a ribbon.

So fun and inexpensive. I hope you like it!

Okay, so now for the advice part. I have a dilemma. I am trying to potty train my little girl and since she is my first, I have no idea what I’m doing. 🙂 It is not as simple as I thought!! I have tried a couple of different things with her and I know she is ready and she is interested, but for some reason she just won’t go in the potty. So………i am looking for any suggestions or advice that you might have!!! Any suggestions would help!! 🙂