A month or so ago, I made some homemade bread and I froze a loaf to save for another day. Well I had to clean out my freezer in order to fit all of my freezer meals so I got out the bread and made french toast for dinner! It was delicious. There is nothing like french toast made with homemade bread. I used this bread recipe if you are interested in making some for yourself!

I don’t have a special recipe for french toast. I just dip my bread in an egg and milk mixture and brown it on a hot buttered griddle pan.

I topped my french toast with strawberry syrup and powdered sugar! YUM! So easy and super good! A thousand times better than french toast made with store bought bread! 🙂

Whenever I don’t know what to cook for dinner I ALWAYS resort to breakfast. My family loves eating breakfast for dinner. I think we have it at least once a week because it is so easy. I always have breakfast food in my fridge/freezer. These are some of the things I always have in stock:

Ground sausage




Tortillas (for breakfast burritos)

It makes my life so much easier when I know I always have these ingredients in my freezer. This way when I haven’t the slightest idea what to cook for dinner, I know I can always count on Breakfast! 🙂

What’s your favorite thing to make for breakfast?! If you have a delicious breakfast casserole–I would love the recipe. I am always looking for new things to make for breakfast.