I am doing the Modern Tree Quilt Along hosted by Christa Quilts! 

Last week she posted how to make the trees.  Saturday I finally had a few hours to get going on this fun quilt! 

So here are my trees:

When I was laying out my trees, deciding on the best layout I realized one of my trees has a problem.  The pattern on the fabric goes one way and so my snowmen on that one tree with the arrow is going the wrong direction.   I will have to sew a whole new one because I can’t just unpick it and turn the triangle around, I will have to cut a new tree out.  Which isn’t a big deal, but it still stinks! 

The trees came together quickly, and I found out that the ruler set I bought is pretty nifty! I have a ton of ideas that I want to try out using those rulers.  

Can’t wait to see how this weeks tutorial on putting the top together!