It’s done! It’s really done! And I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out!

This is the first quilt that I’ve started.   I knew my first quilt had to be a pinwheel pattern.  I don’t know what it is about them, but I am just drawn to them.  They are fun, pretty, and really quite whimsical.  I knew that this was the pattern for me.   It looks intricate and looks like a ton of work, but looks can be deceiving.  It was actually quite simple and really anyone could make these pinwheels.  

I knew my first quilt had to be colorful.  I am drawn to color.  I love the bright patterns against the neutral white.  The white makes each fabric pop with color and really shine.  I was really inspired by the Sunnyside line of fabric because it was so colorful.  It has a wide range of colors and tones.  It really is a fun line of fabric.  My favorite fabric from the whole line has to be the floral border fabric I used.  I like how it ties all the fabrics together.  It also has sort of a vintage vibe to it, kind of reminds me of vintage floral sheets.  

For the quilting, I decided with straight line quilting.  I just ditch stitched around each square.  I thought about stitching the diagonal lines as well, but decided against it.  I wanted the pinwheels to really shine on this quilt, rather than the quilting.  So I stuck with the simple grid-like pattern you can see here.

For the backing, I used one fabric for the whole back.  I wanted to keep it simple and I just happened to come across a dot pattern that had the same salmon color as in the pinwheel fabrics. So it just seemed like a natural fit to me.  

I binded this quilt by hand.  I really like the look of hand binding. Machine binding is something I need a lot more practice in! Heck, I need more practice hand binding.   I thought the binding turned out beautifully and really just added to the quilt.  

I am definitely keeping this quilt.  I am going to keep this baby around and actually use it!  Plus I think it will be a good reminder of how awesome I am! 😉  But seriously, when you finish somethig like a quilt, it feels so gratifying to say that you made something so beautiful!  You pieced every single piece of fabric together and created something new and beautiful.  No quilt is perfect, and I could probably point out every crooked stitch, or every point that didn’t line up, but that really doesn’t matter because this quilt is going to be loved and used for many years to come. 

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