I was going to wait to post this until tomorrow, but I couldn’t wait to show these cute shamrock pots off! 🙂

This project is super kid friendly and so easy to make. Hannah and I made these Shamrock flower pots together. We had fun making them and she can’t wait to give them to her grandparents. These would also be fun to give to your child’s teacher for St. Patrick’s Day.

I am loving how they turned out and they really are super easy. I had all of the supplies on hand, and it only took about 15 minutes to make each pot.

**If you are going to make this with your child and want them to be more involved, use regular craft glue instead of hot glue.

**substitute wooden dowels with pipe cleaners

**Let them cut out shamrocks and do the tracing.

If you are going to make this with your child, be sure to be cautious when using the hot glue.


Supplies Needed

1 terra cotta pot. I used the really small ones.

Green paint

Wooden dowel, or a pipe cleaner


2 Pieces of green cardstock

Hot glue


Floral Foam

Candy To fill your pot

Step 1: Paint your pots

Hannah helped me paint the pots. This was her favorite part. 🙂

2. Cut out your shamrocks and use distressing ink on the edges. I just free-handed both shamrocks. You can find templates online if you don’t feel comfortable free handing them.

3. Glue your shamrocks together.

4. Cut your wooden dowel to about 5-6 inches.

5. Wrap dowel with ribbon and hot glue to keep in tact. Or to make this part more kid-friendly you could use a pipe cleaner.

6. Hot glue dowel to the back of shamrock.

7. Put some hot glue in the bottom of your pot

8. Place a small block of floral foam in the bottom and stick your dowel in the center.

8. Cover your floral foam with paper.

9. Glue a button on the shamrock.

10. Fill your pot with candy and tie a ribbon on the dowel!

I think we are officially ready for St. Patricks Day! 🙂

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