These Conversation Hearts are so fun and festive for Valentine’s Day! I love conversation hearts, they are a must for Valentine’s day. If you want to make your own Conversation Hearts, here is the tutorial I promised:

Supplies Needed:

3 Wooden hearts


Distressing ink

Coordinating paper



Mod podge

Hot Glue

Step 1: Paint your hearts

Step 2: Trace your hearts onto your paper and then cut them out.

Step 3: Mod Podge your paper onto your hearts

Step 4: Sand and distress the edges of your hearts with any color of ink you prefer.

Step 5: Cut out your letters. I used my cricut and used the template “jubilee” and then mod podge your letters onto your hearts

Step 6: Embellish your hearts! You can keep it as simple as you want or go crazy!

The hearts are thick enough that they can sit on their sides by themselves. Or, if you want to hang them up you can hot glue some ribbon on the back to hang them on the wall.

I love how they turned out and they are so much fun!! They make a great Valentine’s Decoration, and they look perfect on my shelf! 🙂

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