Before I show you my homemade bread –I just wanted to thank Kim over at Today’s Creative Blog for featuring me yesterday! It completely made my whole week!! I love her blog and her weekly party “Get Your Craft On!” It gives crafters like me an opportunity to show more people my crafts and it gives me the chance to see blogs and crafts I have never seen! So if you haven’t checked it out–you should! 🙂

Okay so on to my post about homemade bread! Recently I have felt really motivated to make all things homemade! In the past month I have made:

**Homemade Pickles

**Homemade Peach-Pineapple Jam

**Homemade Strawberry Jam

**Homemade Bread

It has been so much fun making all of these things! And they are all so easy to make! It also gives you a great sense of accomplishment that you’ve made something homemade!!!

I have always been interested in cooking and making things from scratch. My mom was the best teacher, and since the early age of 2 I have been her little student just watching her cook.

Growing up, my mom made homemade bread all of the time! We were a family of six and so the bread didn’t last very long in our house! We devoured it every time!!

Yesterday, I decided to try to make homemade bread for the first time on my own! I used a recipe out of a book that my mom bought me for my birthday last month and it was delicious!!! I will definitely make this bread over and over again! 🙂

Here is the recipe. **Recipe is from “Mormon Cooking”

Grandma’s White Bread

2 packages of active dry yeast

2 3/4 Cups lukewarm water

1/2 cup nonfat dry milk

2 tablespoons of sugar

1 Tablespoon salt

1/3 cup cooking oil

7-7 1/2 cups sifted flour


Sprinkle yeast on lukewarm water; stir to dissolve. Add dry milk, sugar, salt, oil, and 3 cups of flour. Beat with spoon until batter is smooth. Gradually add enough remaining flour to make a soft dough that leaves the sides of the bowl. Cover; let rest 15 minutes. Knead on floured surface until smooth and satiny, about 5 minutes. Divide dough in half; shape each half into a loaf. Place in two greased 9 x 5 x 3 inch loaf pans. Let rise until doubled, about 1- 1 1/2 hours. Bake in 400* oven for 25-35 minutes or until loaves sound hollow when tapped. Remove from pans; cool on racks.

It turned out so moist!!! It was delicious, especially with my homemade strawberry jam! 🙂